Conversation starters…

In keeping with one of the main aims of my research, I have decided to establish and maintain a blog to openly share my thoughts and experiences during my journey as a developing academic in information and knowledge management.

I aim to post here at least once a week, to provide updates on my work in progress and to share (and hopefully invite some comments from readers) issues and resources related to my research interests.

My most recent news is that my PhD confirmation was successful and I will be happily continuing my research project early next year. In the meantime I am planning an overseas holiday for next month, developing a couple of papers to submit for publication (one co-authored with my research supervisors and one ‘solo’ paper). I am also developing a short summary of the results of my pilot study and future directions for the project to share with my participants and others who may be interested in reading and discussing with me. This will include a summary of the questions and feedback received from my confirmation seminar, and a response incorporating this feedback (some of which is discussed under the ‘Presentations’ section of this blog).

So far, I have added material into the ‘Presentations’ and ‘Publications’ sections of my blog (above) and my research abstract is located under ‘PhD Research’. More to come soon.


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