The ‘human constellation’: A prologue

When I first heard Professor Kathy Kram describe developmental networking as a ‘constellation’ of relationships with people that support one’s learning and growth, I imagined the stars up in the night sky, twinkling and gathering one minute, then burning out and segregating the next, then relocating to a different part of the universe and reforming a new constellation, made up of changed versions of previous celestial bodies.

Then I was reminded of Nietzche’s ‘dancing star’ born out of chaos within oneself. A microcosmic view of Kram’s constellation and a metaphor I once personally identified with. A catalyst for the neophyte phase of my PhD. Nowadays I am more inclined to the reverse; that normalisation and a sense of interconnectedness has potential to ‘defuse’ such chaos and that the ‘dancing star’ is constructed, in ways deliberate or mysterious, in the spaces between oneself and another.

The developmental constellation from a human perspective is a concept which is a step towards understanding how the universe works and how the universe unfolds. Perhaps more importantly, it is a practice which can help us build knowledge which is useful and progressive.


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