Designing the future

As I’m sitting here on this long weekend break listening to the delectable French radio station ‘Chocolat’, I begin to think it’s time for an update on the main developments over the past couple of months.

The first big thing would be my partner Raj’s relocation to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, CA after being offered an amazing new job with a start-up mobile apps and games company. We share this wonderful achievement after our web-app ‘Social Butterfly’, inspired by our relationship, was discovered. The web-app has now reached over a thousand users and is growing. It has been a lot of fun learning from this prototype and and following its development over a couple of years.

This has led me to start thinking about pursuing post-doctoral research opportunities at universities in and around San Francisco. QUT has links with San Jose State or perhaps even in one of Stanford’s multidisciplinary research centres. PhD is shaping up and I am well into the final data analysis phase, with interviews now completed across two unis. From June through to December 2012, I will be writing up the thesis, with a couple of chapters to be written while I am in the US in October/November.


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