2013: A new year of learning and discovery!

Now that a conceptual model for knowledge ecology is coming together (through a fascinating journey from complexity to simplicity!), here are some new venture ideas for 2013:

1. Writing up final results of PhD research. Outlining practical implications in Discussion chapter with an ‘Experience Design’ (XD) framework, particularly information (multisensory), knowledge (memory) and learner/human/collaborator/user experience design. Incorporate previous literature review into new literature review with XD framework.

2. Draft journal article based on new PhD findings.

3. Learn new design software/tools such as Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Muse etc) and mobile app design tools. Take short courses online in design skills and business development.

4. Create one or two new digital publications.

5. Work with Microryza to crowdfund research which extends Experience Design framework (i.e. collaborator experience design).

6. Write new articles for general audiences in industry publications for UX, Design or IA. Contribute to magazine communities to learn and strengthen skills in publishing.


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