Hello and welcome to my blog! 🙂

My name is Faye and I am an Applied Qualitative Researcher. I have 10 years experience supporting, developing and leading social research projects.

My expertise includes searching, synthesis and evaluation of research information, user information needs analysis, professional writing and editing, research grants development, collaboration, client service, relationship building and qualitative research methods to inform professional practice. In addition, I have taught a range of undergraduate and postgraduate classes in research evaluation, human information behaviour and online knowledge sharing and communication.

I am in the final stage of a PhD in Information Ecology at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. My research project is a qualitative study exploring how a specific user group of early career researchers and educators experience using information to learn while building their social networks for professional and personal development.

I am currently developing a model illustrating the experience of knowledge use for relationship building in informal spheres of learning, including online and offline experiences. The model works towards designing holistic knowledge ecologies (services and systems) for new professionals in both public and private sectors.

When I am not people watching… (or researching people!), I enjoy traveling, singing, playing guitar, spending time with my wonderful partner, family and friends and having curious serendipitous encounters with people, places and things!

Questions and comments on this blog are welcome, feel free to reply to a message on this site, or email faye.q.miller@gmail.com


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Faye,
    I will follow your blog with great interest; this is a worthwhile study into the ECA experience! All the best.
    Warm regards,

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